Partition Management in Windows 8?

  KevInKauai 19 Dec 12

I've just survived an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro on a Sony VAIO laptop that was OEM'd with Windows 7.

I say "survived" because I had used this laptop as a test of Windows 8 Pre-Release (the final before RTM) as a dual boot and then -- when the final RTM version became available in August (2012) -- I decided to "jump in with both feet" and do the RTM install as an upgrade to Windows 7 (primarily because I wanted to have the "experience" of upgrading from Windows 8 to 8 so that I could advise clients on the process). It turns out that the "upgrade" from the RTM version to the fully Released Windows 8 Pro is not entirely checked out (nor certified) as upgradable from the RTM version and I finally had to bit a very distasteful "bullet" and apply my purchased Win 8 Pro upgrade with the option "save only local files" whereas I had thought that I read the RTM fine print as saying "you can purchase the released product and simply upgrade to Win 8 Pro".

ANYWAY ... now I've got at least two partitions on the 320 gig drive of the system: a new one of only 29.2 gig where all the new Win 8 Pro stuff is and a "surviving" one of 260 gig. As I look forward to re-installing my applications in the Win 8 Pro ("looking forward" here used extremely sarcastically, you understand) I want to be able to have a larger "Program Files" directory -- especially since I currently have only 6.2 gig free in the Windows 8 partition.

SO ... any hints or suggestions on a decent "disk partition" program certified for Win 8 ? Any ideas gratefully accepted!


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