Paint Shop Pro and Windows 7 64 bit

  tigertop2 22 Nov 09

Does anyone know of a workaround driver for Paintshop Pro 8 for Windows 7 64 bit home premium? Or even if any other version of Paint Shop Pro will work in W7 64bit. I understand there is a work around using XP within W7 Ultimate or Professional but that is not available with Home Premium

I had read somewhere there was a beta version on test but cannot find details at either Microsoft or Corel websites

Software providers generally have caught up with Windows 7, unlike the early days of Vista, but Corel seems lagging here

  ruskle 23 Nov 09

I am using Win7 and have no problems what so ever with Coral Paintshop Pro X, I installed it and it ran, you did ask if any other version would work so I can't advise on workarounds for version 8.

  tigertop2 24 Nov 09

OK but are you running it on Windows 7 64 bit ?

  ruskle 30 Nov 09

Sorry to be so slow replying but have been in hospital having my spine cut and shut.

Yes I am running Win7 64 bit. I have actually been editing some photos this evening for a friend and just remembered your post, sorry.


  tigertop2 01 Dec 09

Thanks, Hope you are feeeling better now and improving

Corel say there will be no fix for Paint Shop Pro 8 and W7 64Bit. However the Windows 7 compatibility site says they are working on a fix for it so maybe it will be approved soon. Meanwhile I got a £5 discount voucher from Corel albeit it is cheaper to buy the version that does work on line elsewhere.

Thanks for replying. I shall close out this post now


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