outlook emails opened lost when forced shut down

  polotop 18 Jul 12

when microsoft outlook is forced to shut down with emails open, where do they go? email was to be sent. My old computer they would go to draft folder. have windows 7 home premium thanks

  lotvic 19 Jul 12

Might be some explanation/perhaps solution on messages disappear

  polotop 19 Jul 12

  lotvic 19 Jul 12

left you speechless I see.... or your message has disappeared as well...:D

  polotop 21 Jul 12

hi I went the link lotvic suggested and lots of exchange of ideas but seems no soluttion. Emails seem to get lost in a variety of ways. One suggested to go to recreate Outlook profile on the client side to check this issue. I do not know how to do this and seems no response that this fixed problem. Any suggestions? thanks

  lotvic 21 Jul 12

I think you should be investigating why microsoft outlook is forced to shut down.

You haven't given any details on that.

  polotop 21 Jul 12

OE shuts down because I do it manually as it goes into freeze mode. probably when computer has been on for a few days and many emails opened. That email lost must be somewhere. i did an advanced word search and did not find it, maybe it has been deleted when I forced the OE shut down. Did not have a an email address on it. thanks

  lotvic 22 Jul 12

Microsoft Outlook (part of MS Office) and OE (Outlook Express) are two different programs.

OE (Outlook Express) isn't available with Windows 7 it's replacement is Windows Live Mail.

To clear up confusion - which one are you using?

  lotvic 22 Jul 12

I think it pointless to look for the partly composed email. I think it will have been discarded when the program closed. Obviously I don't know that for certain but those are my thoughts on it.

  polotop 22 Jul 12

hi Sorry I use Microsoft outlook email. Could email of gone to temp files? Your probably correct, I just need to go and write the email again. I had 15-20 minutes of info there. anyway appreciate you trying, thanks for all your help

  lotvic 22 Jul 12

I'm sorry I can't be of any further help as I do not know.


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