Optical Drives

  Strawballs 26 May 09

The only problem that I am having at the moment is I have 2 optical drives in the machine that I am using 1 a lightscibe DVD writer and a DVD rom which keeps dissapering when the machine is switch off and back on I have to rescan drives through disc management to get it back.

I have not tried installing my Nero7 with the lightscribe software on it yet will get back when I do or I will have to find lightscribe software that works with it.

  laurie53 26 May 09

No problem with optical drives, even my lightscribe drive on the printer shows up OK.

Didn't even have to manually update the drivers.

  FreeCell 27 May 09


Had to download and install Lightscribe System Software before installing Nero 7 Essentials to get it to use LightScribe functions.

However if I try the update funtion to get later versions of Nero 7 (not update to Nero 9) then I get problems on Windows 7 but the same on XP so not a Microsoft problem me thinks. Downloads the updates removes the old versions, restarts the PC to load the new versions but doesn't so I am left with Nero 7 removed from the PC. Just ignore any update option.

  Strawballs 27 May 09

My version of Nero has the lightscribe built in that came with the drive (a bit annoying as only 6 months before I paid £40 for same version without lightscribe)

  FreeCell 27 May 09


My version of Nero comes with Lightscribe too, but it didn't install it first time on W7 with the Beta, but was okay after LSS install.

  Strawballs 27 May 09

I tried it today and it installed first try without a hitch so I might try my boxed retail version of Nero 7 on my Vista laptop as that has no lightscribe so it will be fine for that


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