Operating system not found on start

  skartakus 23:03 19 Mar 17

Hi . 2 years ago I bought a computer to a computer builder . He gave me a usb device if anything happen I had windows backup .

So today I went in security and recovery option and I reseted everything even personal files .

Now I put the usb in but theres only a black screen telling me an operating system wasnt found . I tried stuff I saw on google but nothing good. I went in the uegi dual bios and I can only boot from sata pm: st93204.... or sata sm hl-dt-st...

Can anyone help? Sorry for the poor thread im on my cellphone thanks

  skartakus 23:14 19 Mar 17

Now I got on the flash drive and it says installing windows but I get a scvar error ...

  Archonar 09:19 20 Mar 17

I've never heard of an scvar error anywhere online so I'd be surprised if that's the error, could you check that and let us know if that's definitely the error code?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:39 20 Mar 17

How did you reset windows?

The USB is only likely to have an older version of win 10 on it not your personal files

You can download and make a media creation tool from click here which will have the latest version of win10 including all updates.

  skartakus 22:04 20 Mar 17

Sorry this is a sacdrv.sys error coming after the windows loading file screen .

If I buy a new hard drive and a copy of windows 7 would that fix my problem ? My computer is alright I just screwed up by ereasing everything on windows 10 without a cd a only with a backup flash drive . The backup is a windows 7.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:23 21 Mar 17

IS this while you are trying to install windows? If so then the install file is corrupt - make a new install USB from my link above.

If you have windows installed and the fault is occurring then click here

  skartakus 23:14 21 Mar 17

Thank you I can now get to choosing my language and what kind of windows 10 I want . I have no cd key and when I custom install it in legacy mode because I cant in eufi mode its always restarting to the begining some how . I pulled of the usb key and now its stuck on getting ready screen . Should I do that in both legacy and uefi mode ? Thanks for the support !! Might save me a couple hundred dollars

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:31 22 Mar 17

Put the USB back in and give it time - it will take ages to get ready and install properly DO NOT Switch off while its installing.

  skartakus 19:17 22 Mar 17

I did switch off hope nothing is broken ... now im able to use my computer ... its slow AFfor some reason ... anyway thanks all !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:43 22 Mar 17

Right clcik start- command prompt (admin) type

sfc/ scannow

press enter, let windows scan for and replace missing or corrupt files

close command prompt on completion then Start - power - restart

See if that has improved things after the reboot.

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