Old PC to New PC

  Pendari 10 Jul 11

Will be getting a new Windows 7 PC. What is the easiest way to transfer the programs and data from my old XP based computer?

  gengiscant 10 Jul 11

Programs will need to be downloaded and installed again,this bit of software makes life a little easier by putting loads of popular software in one exe file: http://ninite.com/

As for your data, personal files and the like you could just slave the drive from the XP PC and then transfer everything,you would of course need to change the little plastic jumper on the hard-drive from its master position to the slave position, most hard-drives are clearly marked as to what pins correspond to what position, or easier still put the hard-drive in an external caddy and then transfer everything over.

  mehim 10 Jul 11

I used Windows Easy transfer to transfer to Win 7 from Win 7 and Vista, the link below will be for you. You do need a LAN crossover cable that costs a couple of quid but the whole process is painless, it even transferred user accounts, but not the programmes.

Windows" target="_blank">http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=4503">Windows 7 - xp easy transfer

  chub_tor 10 Jul 11

This new hyperlink system is a pain in the rear end. Try this hyperlink for your file transfer


  mehim 11 Jul 11

chub_tor above has an excellent link.

I will try again with the software for you, maybe this will work, if it don't you can copy and paste into the address bar.


Following chub-tors link, if you use the LAN cable select network connection. Not sure but I believe LAN is quicker than USB. I found the whole operation stress free, for a change, though I was using Sonys version of easy transfer. Good Luck.


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