office XP xl fomula query

  conrail 11:15 08 Feb 15

using win 8.1 with office xp xl,have a column of figures and I want to add certain numbers together and divide them to get an average figure, ie: =sum(f6+f9+f10+f13+f15+f16+f19+f21+f22+f24+f26+f28+f31+f32+f34)/15 seemed straight forward but I am getting the #VALUE! answer, can somebody advise me on where I am going wrong, all the cells have numbers in them so none left blank, all help and advice appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:05 08 Feb 15
  conrail 15:11 08 Feb 15

thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\ , possibly because it is an older version of office, non of that worked, tried the various options shown, thanks for help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:31 08 Feb 15

To quickly average the contents of a series of cells, select all the cells you wish to average, then click on the auto sum button or right click on your data. There should be a section of the contextual menu devoted to the AutoSum functionality and within the sub menu you will find the Average button. This will take the work out from creating a formula with each of the cells you wish to average together by doing it automatically.

  lotvic 22:33 08 Feb 15

another set of brackets needed


  conrail 13:53 10 Feb 15

thanks lotvic but using your formula I get #VALUE!

  lotvic 18:11 10 Feb 15

Are all the cells formatted to the same type? ie: General, Numbers, etc.

One (or more) of the cells must have wrong format set, or maybe you have a , where you meant to have .

You could try selecting F column and formatting the cells to be all the same.

or if you want to try and find the problem cell(s) you could try omitting them one by one, ie: =sum((f9+f10+f13+f15+f16+f19+f21+f22+f24+f26+f28+f31+f32+f34)/14) then if that's okay you will know that it was cell f6 that caused the problem.

  conrail 19:01 10 Feb 15

thanks lotvic, all sorted, had 1 cell formatted to wrong option, thanks to one and all for help and advice, I appreciate it

  lotvic 20:40 10 Feb 15

Thanks for letting us know the cause, and how you sorted it :)

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