Office 2007 or 10 on Windows 8

  Flopper 21 Nov 12

I am looking at buying an Ultrabook running Windows 8, although I would rather it wasn't and the salesman who is unashamedly a Mac man is giving me scare stories such as how Windows 8 will only 'accept' a legit install of Office 2010 and any previous version of Office will cause Windows 8 to crash. Is he talking nonesense? I am thinking of buying one with Windows 8, ghosting the drive, formatting and installing Windows 7. I know what to do but am I likely to have any problems.

  Pine Man 22 Nov 12

He is talking absolute nonsense!

Both versions work perfectly.

  Flopper 22 Nov 12


He also said that if I were to install on a Windows 8 PC a copy of Office 2007 or 2010 (single user licence) that has already been used I would be plagued by a constant pop up warning me to upgrade/purchase or whatever. Is this true?

  Pine Man 22 Nov 12

I have a single user licence and it is installed on both my pc and laptop with no problem whatsoever.

  Forum Editor 22 Nov 12

It sounds to me as though you've encountered a sales person keen to sell things you don't need.

Pine Man's advice is good - what you were told about Windows 8 and Office 2007 is rubbish - Office 2007 will run perfectly well. You will not be plagued with pop-ups,and Office 2007 will activate normally.


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