oem disc from MS

  sunnystaines 20 Jan 13

if i have w8 pre installed, is there an option to get a oem dvd for a nominal price from MS as i would have paid for a licence as part of the pc cost.

  Forum Editor 20 Jan 13

Responsibility for providing you with a Windows installation DVD lies with the retailer who sold you the computer, not with Microsoft. A preinstalled OEM version licence doesn't include a DVD however.

Normally the Windows files are written to a hidden partition on the hard drive, and you run a system recovery routine if anything goes wrong. You shouldn't need an OEM disk, because you cannot install the software on another computer.

  sunnystaines 20 Jan 13

FE Thanks for the reply, I was thinking should the hdd go belly up, home made recovery dvd would not work unless it could access the original hdd.

I know a clone back up would be ok, but the OEM would have been handy, that option is now out.

  aquatarkus 20 Jan 13

Your computer should have the option to make a restore or similar DVD in case of hard drive failure etc.

As the FE said you can't use it to install on another PC but you could use it in case of a hard drive failure etc.

Regards Aquatarkus

  rdave13 20 Jan 13

I've reinstalled via the recovery discs on two Toshiba laptops and one Acer when their hard drives failed and were replaced.

  Forum Editor 20 Jan 13


I think sunnystaines might find that - for the first time - there is no Windows license key sticker on his new machine.

  rdave13 20 Jan 13

Well that's new but not required if installing from the recovery discs?

  aquatarkus 20 Jan 13

Windows key is locked to the Bios, as long as he used recovery disks created from original installation won't be a problem. What make of computer is it, is it a laptop or PC?

regards Aquatarkus

  sunnystaines 21 Jan 13

thanks everyone did not know those facts still on the learning curv.

  sunnystaines 05 Feb 13

been told to get the windows key using 3rd psrty software that will disply it apparently belaric advisor does with w8. once you have the serial key MS will let you download a copy of w8 which you burn as a ISO image. which is more or less the same as a OEM disc.

  rdave13 05 Feb 13

Belarc doesn't show the correct key with the upgrade disc let alone an OEM version. I doubt very much you can get a third party software to reveal the correct key.


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