Nvidia SLI Drivers

  crosstrainer 10:49 21 Feb 07

Does anyone know when a reliable sli driver will be available for vista? I have installed it on my second "playground" machine 2gb ram 2x 250 sata hdds 2x 6600gt graphics. I have noticed that some games (Notabley FEAR) perform very poorly with the latest drivers installed. I have left my laptop and newer sli desktop with xp for now, so I guess it's a case of waiting.... the realtek sound driver is basic (no eq etc) but seems to do the job. On the whole Vista seems a lot faster?

  Kate B 11:31 21 Feb 07

According to a conversation I had with the Nvidia PR recently, next month. But I will chase him today. I haven't installed the latest drivers and I think I probably won't as they're beta drivers.

  anskyber 11:31 21 Feb 07

Mid March is the latest best bet.

  crosstrainer 11:38 21 Feb 07

KateB, i had a look at those Beta drivers... very limited hardware support, thought about installing them but think i will wait... aah the joy's of a new OS... fond memory's of Windows 3, 3.1. workgroups, 95 xp et al!

  Kate B 11:40 21 Feb 07

Just had an email from Adam: "very soon", he says. Here are the latest drivers click here

I might give them a whirl, I'm getting the odd BSOD squawking about my current Nvidia drivers.

  crosstrainer 11:49 21 Feb 07

Might take a look... BSOD bleats a lot, only seems to like the generic drivers on the DVD.. no critical data on theis machine.. just a Vista playground toy so will have a look

  Kate B 11:58 21 Feb 07

Let me know how you get on - I get a BSOD about once every four or five boot-ups. Not the end of the world but moderately annoying.

  crosstrainer 12:15 21 Feb 07

have just installed the new drivers... no bleating on re-boot.. will have a go with a few things and drive the machine hard... let you know what occurs!

  Kate B 12:24 21 Feb 07

Did you uninstall the old drivers first or just stick the new ones on top? *idle*

  crosstrainer 12:42 21 Feb 07

Uninstalled the old drivers.. clean install of the new ones... now FEAR which i am using as a test prog. will not run at all...get sound but no display, tried uninstalling it and did clean install... same result, driver control panel is better, no BSOD complaints after 3 re-boots swings and roundabouts methinks!

  Kate B 13:34 21 Feb 07

I haven't installed any games yet - no point until they'll run in SLI, methinks. Thanks for the update.

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