ntuser.dat -in My Folder

  ened 17:50 18 Dec 07

I have just noticed I have TEN entries in the folder under My Name which all start off ntuser.dat.

They contain such as:

LOG2 File etc.

As this is the Vista equivalent of MY Documents I like to keep this folder organised into sub-folders.

Presumably these .dat files are meant to be there, but could I bundle them up into a folder or would it be safe to remove them.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

  anskyber 19:16 18 Dec 07

I have to say you set me a bit of a challenge here ened.

Having read about a bit I think this link probably sums things up, part way down the page. click here I cannot and do no profess to have great knowledge of these files but they do appear to link your preferences with the registry. My conclusion is leave well alone.

Others of greater knowledge may say otherwise(!)

  ened 11:16 19 Dec 07

Do you mean to tell me you do not have these entries?

  anskyber 16:43 19 Dec 07

Could you help me on how you get to them? Are they in Computer or something like that?

  brundle 16:51 19 Dec 07

It is normal to find those files in that location, but you must have Windows set to show System files to see them. Disable the aforementioned. Don't delete or move the files, if Windows even lets you (which it shouldn't) you will be moving the configuration/registry settings for that account.
click here
Follow the instructions to show OS files above but disable the option instead.

  anskyber 17:16 19 Dec 07

Thanks for the reminder brundle and yes ened I do have them but for the reasons brundle has given mine are hidden.

  ened 17:57 19 Dec 07

So I am alright then?

Cheers chaps.

PS anskyber have a pint of Betty Stogs on me!

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