No sound on windows vista home premium

  angelali2012 22 Jun 12

I have installed Windows Vista Home Premium some hours ago. After that, I installed my driver. However, I am not getting sound. So I did the following procedures:

1/ Checked if mute or not, but nothing was mute. 2/ Checked if volume is down, but volume was up. 3/ Checked if the jack has been plugged properly, again, everything was set properly. 4. I updated the driver, again, no sound. 5/ Tried Microsoft Fix It, again no problem detected. 6/ Went on device manager, no problem, the sound card is being detected correctly.

My motherboard is ASUS P5KPL-CM with onboard VIA sound card.

The back panels on my motherboard are, lime, black, pink, blue, black and violet in colors. I had Windows XP before, and I used the lime color one for my speaker cable. On Vista also I am doing the same. It should work, but why I am not having sound?


  difarn 22 Jun 12

Just a quick suggestion, try going into Device Manager and right-clicking on your sound card then disabling and re-enabling it. After that try re-booting your pc.

You could also try uninstalling and re-installing your sound card.

  difarn 22 Jun 12

Sorry, just to clarify, I did of mean the driver for the sound card.

  angelali2012 22 Jun 12

I did that, sound card is onboard, still no sound. the green bar is moving when i play music but no sound.

  difarn 22 Jun 12

Have you checked that the soundcard is set as default by right clicking on the speaker icon on your taskbar?

Have you tried unplugging your speakers, re-booting and then plugging them back in forcing windows to recognise them?

  angelali2012 22 Jun 12

Yes I did all that, so sad I cant upload screenshot here, but read this forum, I included the screenshot:

  difarn 22 Jun 12

You seem to have tried everything - can't view the screenshots as you have to be logged in to that forum.

There could be a problem with codecs - this will involve downloading a new audio driver rather than updating it.

Have you tried putting headphones into the relevant jack - is there any sound coming from there?

Do you have a CD with the operating system on? If so you could consider trying to do a repair installation as per this article.

  angelali2012 22 Jun 12
  difarn 22 Jun 12

Sorry but the link isn't live on that page.


i have same problem no sound tryed everything,tonight i looked at where it sits in task bar played with mute and sound loudness control and behold its working try this

  rdave13 24 Jun 12

Is this your mobo? If so try the download tab and select the audio drivers. There are five. I'd select the last but one for XP and Vista. Worth a try.


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