No response when I click on an image to enlarge it

  Maczed 23:16 PM 08 Dec 11

I'm running 64 bit Windows Home Premium. When I click on an image in eBay to enlarge it, I get no response, but the word "javascript;" appears at the bottom left of my screen. I also have a problem opening some links on other web sites. What settings do I need to change to overcome the problem?

  BRYNIT 23:48 PM 08 Dec 11

Have you got java installed if not Click here and install it.

  Maczed 00:19 AM 09 Dec 11

Thanks for the suggestion, Brynit. I've downloaded javascript but I still can't follow links; in fact I couldn't follow the one you gave me. I had to type in the URL, which was shown at the bottom of my screen when I clicked on the link, manually.

  BRYNIT 09:39 AM 09 Dec 11

I must have been half asleep. 124 is correct Java and javscript are different.

Some one will correct me if I'm wrong. Javascript is part of the web page and is not a fault at your end. If some links on web page do not open this could be a fault with the web page themselves.

Just a thought, do you have an add or pop up blocker installed as this may prevent links from opening.

  Maczed 00:15 AM 10 Dec 11

Many thanks 124. Just tried your suggestion - works a treat.


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