No recording devise on computer?

  MissingPolarBear 09 Jul 10

Hello, I am trying to record audio on my computer with Audacity but it seems like there is no recording devise on my computer. When I right click on my sound icon and click “recording” I see two microphones (not plugged in) and “line in (not plugged in)”. Both disabled devises and disconnected devises are showing. I’m so clueless when it comes to this stuff! What do I do?

  Kevscar1 09 Jul 10

You need a connected microphone, try unplugging it then plug in again it should be automatically picked up. Sounds stupid but if it has an on off switch make sure it's on.
If you still get nothing you need to try the mike in something else to see if it's working.

  BRYNIT 09 Jul 10

Windows Vista has Aux disabled and hidden. You need to right click on sound icon click on recordings. Right click on any device and select show disabled devices and disconnected devices, you should now see Aux right click and select enable. You should now be able to use Audacity.

  BRYNIT 09 Jul 10

Just read that you have disabled and hidden devices showing. Have you checked that you have the correct drivers installed, check for updated drivers.

  MissingPolarBear 09 Jul 10

Thanks for the replies! BRYNIT, here is a stupid question, but how do I do that? Where do I go to get updated drivers?

  Woolwell 10 Jul 10

What audio are you trying to record? From a microphone, cd or internet?

  MissingPolarBear 12 Jul 10

Woolwell - Internet. :)

  Woolwell 12 Jul 10

I had the same problem and was able to fix it by following this click here


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