New partition on Windows 7 PC - is it possible?

  tallboy 28 Nov 13

I have a Dell Studio PC running 64-bit Windows 7. Following some recent problems surrounding Windows Updates downloading (failure) I have had to have a repair install on it. Even after that, I had to do a separate repair install on Windows Live mail to make WLM work, resulting in the deletion of all the messages. (Fortunately, backed up elsewhere.)

Like all off-the-shelf PCs it was delivered with everything on the C: drive. To prevent re-occurrences of deleting emails again, I want to create a separate partition. (There plenty of room on the disk to do it.) Is it safe to create a partition on a disk that already has programs / data on it with loosing anything and ending up with a non-working PC again?

I've set up partitions on new, recently-formatted disks before, but not on one that is already in use. Any advice / pointers would be most welcome.

  xania 28 Nov 13

Whenever I get a new laptop (3 recently) after having taken the backup of the restore drive onto DVD, the first thing I always do is partition the hard disk. I then have a separate partition for all my work. It seems to me that the smaller partitions are easier and quicker to manage. So the short answer is YES

  Jollyjohn 28 Nov 13

Google for PartedMagic or GParted - both linux based partitioning tools Download and burn to cd boot from and use to partition HDD

Gparted - accept defaults as it boots - usually works - basic graphic and straight forward controls to Resize partitions.

PartedMagic - can do more than just partition drives - cd ejects when ready to use.

When you are ready to resize C partition I would go approx 1/3 as C and 2/3 as Data

Remember to create a new partition in the Unallocated space after resizing and format it as NTFS

Once done it is possible to move "My Documents" folders to the new partition and I would recomend this.

  tallboy 28 Nov 13

Thanks for the quick replies xania & jollyjohn. I'm glad to know that I should be 'safe' to partition the disk. I'll give PartedMagic a try.

  tallboy 30 Nov 13

I purchased the current virus-free version of PartedMagic for less that a fiver (watch out for earlier free version which according to the author's website can cause trouble)ran it and 'hey presto' I now have a shiny new partition. And everything still works OK on the C: drive.

Thanks for the recommendation Jollyjohn!


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