johnthebon 11:51 16 Aug 11

I am at my wit's end here and can't take anymore I am that stressed out.

I have a Dell 1749 Laptop and i'm selling it, I did not receive a recovery disc when I bought it, all the files and programs came installed already. So after a while I decided top dual-boot my laptop, it came with windows 7 home 64 bit and on the other hard drive I dual-booted it with window 7 ultimate 32 bit. But when I done this I somehow deleted my recovery files for Dell DataSafe Factory Restore, so I just deleted everything of mine from the laptop and formated my 2nd hard drive, everything was going well until when I turned my laptop on it would still go to boot options and ask me to pick between 1. Windows or 2. windows, when I clicked no1 it could not find it because I formated and deleted it. So to fix that I needed to delete the path for it, but because they where the same name and I am so bloody thick I managed to delete my current OS path!! So now I cant even get onto my laptop now.

Is there anyway I can fix this or un-do it from boot options or anything?


  J0nny 13:39 16 Aug 11

I'm not an expert but I think you will need to get hold of a window 7 disc and reinstall window os.

  lotvic 14:19 16 Aug 11

Which you can download from burn the .iso to DVD and use the product key that is on the label on the laptop.

  LANDCRUISER 17:40 31 Aug 11

i think i might need this link


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