My programes keep flashing on and off like I'm clicking off it.

  AgentNo34 05:15 27 Sep 13

Let's say your using google chrome. IF you click the bottom tool bar, the blue bar at the top turns to a duller blue without touching anything.

Pretty hard to type with it.

Using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

It started doing this 26th,August 2013

This is serous.

  lotvic 11:40 27 Sep 13

By clicking on the bottom Taskbar you are taking the focus off the program window that you have open.

  AgentNo34 14:00 27 Sep 13


I'm not clicking it.

  lotvic 18:35 27 Sep 13

I must have misread your post then. Please give some more details and is it only in Google Chrome? What other programs does this happen with?

  rdave13 19:34 27 Sep 13

Dodgy mouse?

  AgentNo34 22:44 27 Sep 13

It's all programs.

Let's say you open up a game. And put the pointer in the middle of the game The pointer will do it's "Loading" thing. Nothing else is on.

  jaywoo 23:25 27 Sep 13

TP Link wireless software was causing this problem for some people; click here do a clean boot and then gradually re-add startup programs until you find the culprit.

click here


  jaywoo 23:26 27 Sep 13

Also ook in your Programs and Features list, sort by date - was anything installed or updated around the date it started?

  lotvic 23:47 27 Sep 13

When it happens you could look in Taskmanager and see what processes are running and using most cpu. There is some program or process in the background taking priority (focus) off of the program window you have open.

  AgentNo34 02:41 28 Sep 13

Thank you jaywoo.

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