My powered speakers are humming

  jonem81 19:12 PM 26 Oct 13

My old Sony powered speakers were humming, and I purchased new Creative ones. However, the humming persists with the new ones. I am not worried about he cost a new set of PC speakers, because I can use the old Sony ones somewhere else, but I wonder what is causing the humming? Years ago, I knew that the proximity of speakers to monitors would create humming problems, or stretched screens, but that is as far as my knowledge goes! Does the speaker socket need a clean or what?

Can anyone help, please?


  woodchip 19:49 PM 26 Oct 13

Bad Earth or a Cheap Transformer inside

  jonem81 20:04 PM 26 Oct 13

woodchip Do you mean the mains plug regarding 'Bad Earth', or bad earthing in the PC? ( The PC is a Hewlett Packard Win 7, 64 bit ).


  rdave13 20:40 PM 26 Oct 13

Few thing to try. If the PC is new try disabling the microphone. right click speaker icon and select recording devices. Click on microphone, properties tab then in the dropdown menu select disable then apply and ok. Re-enable if makes no difference. Unplug and plug in the jack connector a few times. Move the speakers to a different location, try to get the subwoofer further away from the PC. If all these things fail buy a cheapo usb sound dongle. Connect the sound jack to the dongle then connect it to the USB port. Set as default. If the interference has gone the I can only think it's poor 'shielding' within the PC.

  jonem81 22:33 PM 26 Oct 13

rdave13 Sounds great! Will try all your advice, and thanks!



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