my pictures screen savers

  dbarlow43 04 Jan 12

Just bought a new acer all in one pc ,with windows 7 ,my pictures screen savers wont fill the full screen (black line down both sides) have tryed everything ,been into all setting but still no luck any advice would be great , had XP with no probles

  johnathann 04 Jan 12

check if there is any settings to stretch it

  difarn 04 Jan 12

You can if you go to:-

Control Panel -Appearance and Personalization - Personalisation - Change desktop background - Picture Position gives you the option to fill/fit/stretch

  dbarlow43 04 Jan 12

Thanks Lads have tryed both these in the past still not working

  difarn 04 Jan 12

The resolution of your display may be the answer with certain images. Right click on desktop and click screen resolution and under "resolution" your resolution will be written. Note it down. Now right click on your picture and click edit. It will open paint. There is resize option - select it and then uncheck the box "maintain aspect ratio" and click pixels. Type your resolution width then height and click ok. Save your picture again with different name. Close everything and come back to desktop and reselect your wallpaper image by browsing newly saved picture.

  BRYNIT 04 Jan 12

The picture size is different to the screen size.

Portrait pictures will have a thick black panel to either size.

Landscape pictures may have a thin or thick black panel top and bottom depending on size.

You cannot resize a portrait picture to fully fit your screen.

Landscape picture can be adjusted but you may have to cut the picture down in size for it to fit, if you just readjust the size of the picture it may look distorted. keeping the aspect ratio of a picture will not resize it to screen size.

You could measure your screen and create a page template the same size this will fill the screen you can then creating a design or colour of your choice and past your picture onto this page.


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