My Canon camera cannot install videos !

  jonem81 23:05 PM 14 Jul 13

My Canon camera cannot install videos on my PC. It's a Canon Powershot A530. Images are OK. However, I cannot see the device driver for the camera. I thought that the drivers were automatically installed when they were connected. I am using a Windows 7, 64bit PC, and the software that came with the camera states Windows XP2. Would it be OK to try to install that first?


  wiz-king 06:32 AM 15 Jul 13

You need the software from the cameras website to get the Win7 drivers.

  jonem81 09:16 AM 15 Jul 13

wiz-king - Thanks, but could you point me to the exact location on the website, please. I have tried to download the appropriate software, but failed miserably!


  wiz-king 10:23 AM 15 Jul 13

I will try again enter link description here

  jonem81 23:49 PM 15 Jul 13


Many, many thanks for your help. I used the old installation discs (XP2), and would you believe it? They installed without a hitch, and now I can import my videos from the Canon A530. It looked as if the software updated as it installed. Thank you once again.



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