Multiple Shortcuts

  mcjczoe 04 May 11

I have numerous folders each of which contain jpg images. I need to create shortcuts to all these images but I need tyhe shortcut to be created in the same folder as the original image. How can I do this without selecting each file individually and creating the shortcut? I have tried using the search facility to identify all the jpgs but can only create shortcuts to the desktop this way.

  Thalmus 05 May 11

select all images, hold the right mouse button down on a file a drag a little, release the mouse button and select create shortcut here

  mcjczoe 07 May 11

Thnaks but this does not solev the problem. The jpgs are in a large number of differnet folders and I need the shortcuts to be created in the smae folder as each image ie lots of different folders.

  a member 08 May 11

so you want to create shortcuts to each individual photo ,and in the same folder that the originals exist in . as pointed out by Thalmus its simple enough but you need to enter each folder and select all images , you can either click somewhere outside one of the images on one of the corners and drag the mouse over all of them to highlight them (blue) then right click anywhere within the highlighted area and select "create shortcut ." this will create a shortcut for each (all) the images in the same folder , you can then move the shortcuts if you like to any other folder and they will work (link) .but you cannot move an original image or that will render any shortcut for that image useless. and alternative method to "select all" it to simply click on Organize (upper left within any folder) and choose select all , once selected all items withing that folder will be manipulated as a whole .


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