msn explorer help

  paulhis777 10 Jan 12

hello all just bought a new pc at long last and now have windows 7 !!!!! anyone knows why i cant use msn explorer i have firefox and internet explorer but as a family we have got used to msn explorer the one that has the butterfly thank you paul

  difarn 10 Jan 12

Do you mean that you want to use MSN as your web browser? Do you use hotmail as your e-mail client? This would give you the option of using Hotmail and Messenger.

The bad news is that MSN explorer isn't available with Windows 7. There appear to be some registry edits that may work and there are suggestions that it may work in Vista compatability mode. I must advise caution here.

If you are using Firefox and you want MSN to come up as your home page, with a browser, then you can change this setting but the whole web page will come up not just the search box.

You can do this by going into Firefox, Tools, Options, Start up, then paste in the URL of MSN into Home Page, click on use current page and te ok at the bottom.

  difarn 10 Jan 12

Meant to say that if you don't want this web page but just want to access hotmail and messenger that you can of course create shortcuts to these on your desktop by

Opening MSN - reducing the page (not minimize totally), placing your mouse on the icons for hotmail/msn messenger and dragging them to your desktop.

Don't know whether this would be helpful.

  paulhis777 11 Jan 12

thank you paul

  difarn 12 Jan 12

You're welcome.


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