MS Office starter and w8

  sunnystaines 23 Jan 13

does anyone have ms office starter on w8. i have on a net book with w7starter and its dreadfully slow to open and was wondering does it open quickly in w8 or is it made slow on purpose to get people to upgrade to paid versions.

also does windows 8 have its own built in pdf reader, therefore no need for foxit/adobe reader etc.

i have a retail upgrade of full office xp [needs office 2000 installed first before it will install] would these work in w8 i have the discs for both.

[still looking at laptop specs, not keen to buy another sony but went in thier store today and the laptops were extremely fast.

  markwillium 29 Jan 13

I have not used it on windows 8. As Microsoft suggests that "If you don't install the latest version of Microsoft Office Starter 2010 on your Windows 7 PC before upgrading to Windows 8, you won't be able to use it after the operating system upgrade is complete."

There are so many alternative of MS Office starter like Libre office, Open Office & many more. There are good enough to do your activities.


Thanks, Mark

  sunnystaines 29 Jan 13

mark read your link re starter 2010 it mention two versions does the earlier version not update via microsoft updates to the later one.

i got my copy from a microsoft download link [saved to a folder]so i presume i could just reload it onto w8 if req'd. bad news they are scrapping the starter version for 2013 it covered all our excel and word needs.

i presume no pdf reader in w8, sure i read somewhere there was, must have got it wrong.


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