moving folders to D drive

  chrissy1 08 Oct 10

On vista....when i right click on folder to send to D drive...D drive not showing in list only the DVD E drive......went into computer and opened
D drive and tried the drag and drop....came up copying....does this mean i would have duplicates one each drive??....i want chosen folders off C drive entirely.....which is best way of doing it....thinking of moving all my music pictures etc...

  rdave13 09 Oct 10

As I previously posted, if you type shell:sendto in the start search box it will list the sendto folder. Open the folder. Open 'computer' and drag drive D to the sendto folder. Drive D shortcut will be listed in the right click menu under send to. Using this method you will have duplicate files on C and D. Not a bad idea as you can then check your files on D to make sure there has been no corruption, when copying over, to D. You can then delete them on C.
If you use the system to open drive D in computer, then, instead of copy and paste, use cut and paste. This will remove the files from C and move them to D. Unfortunately, with this method, if the copied files become corrupted (it can happen) then you won't have any backup on the C drive.

  Kevscar1 10 Oct 10

when they have finished copying simply right click the c drive folder and delete

  chrissy1 12 Oct 10

managed to move what i wanted...thanks for the help


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