moving cell values to another cell in XL

  conrail 08 Mar 12

using windows 7 64 bit with office XP, I run a local football team and keep the fixtures, scores & scorers list on XL, I would like to create a cell that shows if we have played team A and won 3-1 (the 3 is in one cell and the one in another, ie cell c5 = 3 and cell c6 = 1, the next time we play team A I would like to show the previous score of 3-1 in another cell ie K2 hope that is clear, all help and advice appreciated.

  lotvic 08 Mar 12

select K2 and type: =C2 and press enter

select K3 and type: =C3 and press enter

(or could just select K2 and type: = then put mouse cursor in C2 and click and then press enter)

  lotvic 08 Mar 12

ps. incase of misunderstanding:

don't type the : just type the =C2

  conrail 08 Mar 12

thanks lotvik, that's what I was after, I appreciate your help, many thanks

  Woolwell 08 Mar 12

If you want to ensure that the reference to the original cell remains as C2 then you can use =$C$2 . Absolute References

  conrail 28 May 12

thanks Woolwell, really sorry about the delay in replying, been a busy couple of months, I appreciate your time and advice


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