Mouse Pointer jittering constantly - HELP!

  Glizdor 14 Jul 09

Mouse Pointer jitters constantly when hovering in Windows Explorer window. It briefly changes to an hourglass/busy, in intervals of roughly 3 times per second. It happens in any window, that has drive, folders or files. The moment I move pointer outside of the window, or have it in i.e. Desktop/Panel/Networking etc window, the mouse pointer is normal. It seems to me the Hard drive is constatntly accessed. Specs :Vista Home Premium 64-bit, 750gb HDD (10% filled), 3gb memory, i7 920. Help greatly appreciated, as this issue is becoming more and more annoying, especialy when reviewing pictures. Thanx

  Forum Editor 14 Jul 09

you can try? If so, try it, and let us know what (if anything) hppens.

  mooly 15 Jul 09

Probably on the wrong track but I asked a similar question and it was "normal" in that it happened when I had media player open and an SD card inserted. Media player was constantly searching for files in the background.
Could it be anything like that... an external drive or something that's being scanned for files for "whatever"... maybe photos, music etc depending on what applications you have open.


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