Minor Java annoyance

  Kate B 16:04 11 Jul 07

Using Firefox, some sites that use Java force Vista into Basic mode and the only way I can find to kick it back into Aero is to shut down and restart the browser - which is not something I want to do when I've got multiple tabs open. I can't find a way to stop Java either by right-clicking it in the system tray, through the process manager or the task manager. Any thoughts on how I can stop Java and get back into Aero without restarting Firefox? Not vital but somewhat annoying.

  interzone55 16:50 11 Jul 07

Have you tried Session Manager extension?

click here

It'll save your session so you can close & reopen Firefox with all your tabs still open - or so it claims...

  Jake_027 17:42 11 Jul 07

You have got the latest version of java haven't you?

click here

  Kate B 17:55 11 Jul 07

alan14 - restoring the session includes restoring the page that used Java, so I'm back to square one ...

Jake_027 - I have now! Thanks for the link, I'll let you know if that cures it.

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