minimising ie and crome pages

  conrail 20 Nov 12

just installed win 8, although spent the last few hours playing around with it the problem is how do I minimise chrome when it's open, I can grab a corner and shrink it but it opens on screen top to bottom on side of screen, I would like it out of the way, is there a way? please help

  conrail 21 Nov 12

thanks Jock1e, the taskbar is on the right, I assume it's the taskbar, it has search; share; start; devices & settings on it, right clicking does not do anything, not can I drag it to the bottom, the settings option does not help. I have been looking here: also I used to enjoy a game of spider, solitaire or mahjong occasionally but they are not installed, win8 has not kept them from win7 settings, when I click on store it tells me I am not connected to the internet, which I must be otherwise I would not be posting this

  rdave13 22 Nov 12

The sidebar on the right is called the Charms bar. Used for settings on different apps and also search and devices etc.

Possibly the reason you can't download apps is that your account you log in with doesn't have a Microsoft account. I use my Hotmail addy and password to log in to the PC. That allows me to use and download apps from Microsoft.

If you have a Hotmail/ Outlook account, try creating another profile and log in with the email addy and password.

  rdave13 22 Nov 12

For the original question, if you open IE from an app in the start page then you can't minimize as you used to do. If you open IE from the desktop then you're back to a Win 7 environment and you can minimize to the taskbar.

As for Chrome, does it show on the desktop? I don't use it as I don't like it so not up to speed with how it installs on 8. If it only shows as an app in the start page then right click the app and select 'pin to taskbar'.

Go back to the desktop (top left corner) then open Chrome from the taskbar. You can now minimize as usual.

  conrail 23 Nov 12

thanks for your suggestions, sorry about delay in replying, win8 so slow, I mean really slow so googled uninstalling and found I needed to format so used recovery partition to get rid, back to win 7, much easier apart from chrome, see my new post here; again many thanks for all who helped, I know where I went wrong, I should have set it to double boot, never mind. I appreciate your time and advice.


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