minimised page not shwn in task bar

  sercher70 10 Jan 13

I have a new samsong nett book. can anyone advise . win 7 op system it will not show minimised page in task bar can anyone help please. please keep help simple I am just a user not a tech guy( havent any time to waste learning at 82 lol)

  difarn 11 Jan 13

When you say minimised page - are you talking about web pages? You do not say which browser you are using, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. What usually happens is that when you minimise a web page it doesn't show up as a separate item on the task bar.

Most browsers now use tabbed browsing which you can see towards the top of your window - a tab with an x or a +. When you click on a plus you can open another web page which means that you have more than one page open at a time. If you minimise both web pages they do not show up in your task bar. In firefox for example, if you hover your mouse over the icon for your browser in the task bar it should show you a thumbnail of one of the pages you have open you click on that - it maximises and you can then see that page with the opened tabs at the top.

Hope this helps.

  chub_tor 11 Jan 13

Perhaps you mean the preview of open windows that you can see just above the taskbar when you hover the mouse above the icons. If so take a look at this link which states that you need Windows Aero to have it enabled. If you have Windows 7 Starter edition on your netbook then Aero will not be available, you need the Home edition or above for that.

  sercher70 11 Jan 13

thks guys I have IE as google chrome has disappeared aand am working on that one. I can now see ok tks again sercher 70


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