Microsoft Office

  Wirral Bagpuss 21:44 01 May 07

I have just got a new PC with Windows Vista. Can i use previous versions of Microsoft Office/Outlokk or will i have to shell out for Microsoft Office 2007 ?

  powerless 22:16 01 May 07

Depends what type of licence it came with, Retail or OEM?

  Wirral Bagpuss 22:40 01 May 07

OEM !! :)

  Kate B 00:01 02 May 07

In that case, no. The OEM version can only be used on the PC you bought it with. You can still buy 2003 on Amazon and if you've got a student or teacher in the family, the Student & Teacher edition is pretty reasonably priced click here Or try Open Office, which is free click here

  Pine Man 15:49 02 May 07

Kate B is correct but have you actually tried to install it?

I know I shouldn't be suggesting this but you can't break anything!

  Pine Man 15:56 02 May 07

...... apart from, of course, the terms and conditions of the EULA!

  Kate B 17:46 02 May 07

It won't activate.

  Wirral Bagpuss 18:29 02 May 07

Well i dug out my ancient copy of Outlook 2002 and that works a dream!! :) But i think you could be right re activating Microsoft Word/Excel/Powepoint. i'll give it a go but based on the feedback i won't be holding my breath!! Naughty though of Billy to do this as you paid a fortune at the time for it and he seems to think money grows on trees and we can just spend another £400 just like that !!

Not good ! :(

  Pine Man 18:42 02 May 07

It may or may not activate but if it does the acid test is whether or not Windows Update will accept it.

Let us know how you get on. I'm sure Billy will survive without your £400 if it works ;-)

  Kate B 22:02 02 May 07

Why is it naughty of Bill? You agreed to the OEM licence when you installed the OEM software. Microsoft is a business - why shouldn't it insist on you abiding by that agreement? If the software needed activating the first time, it will need activating a second time and Microsoft won't give you another activation code. If you really don't want to pay for another copy, try Open Office. But please don't bleat about it being not fair. It is fair.

  rawprawn 22:03 02 May 07

My Office 2002 Pro would not load. I had to buy 2007

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