Micosoft Mail & Vista

  Sibbo 13:54 25 Apr 07

I've just set up 4 mail accounts on my new 64 Bit Vista PC that I previously used on my XP PC, and was dismayed to find that the mail for all accounts is downloaded into one Inbox. Is this how mail is now handled by Microsoft? Have I done somthing wrong? I was use to using Outlook Express and liked the individual inboxes. Thanks in advance

  Kate B 14:38 25 Apr 07

Outlook and Outlook Express have always downloaded everything from multiple accounts into one inbox. I'd set up some folders for the different accounts and rules to divert the mail into those folders.

  anskyber 14:43 25 Apr 07

Can I assume you mean Windows Mail?

Secondly, can I assume you have set up 4 email accounts for 4 different users of the machine? If the answer is yes then the accounts should be set up from within each users (of the machine) log in to keep them separate.

Or do you have 4 accounts of your own for one user of the machine?

  anskyber 14:52 25 Apr 07

If it is as Kate has suggested, using message rules, click here

  anskyber 14:54 25 Apr 07

A slightly better link. click here

  Sibbo 15:29 25 Apr 07

Yes, I meant 4 e-mail accounts for 4 different users of the machine. That'll teach me for typing it quickly while at work. Thanks

  Kate B 15:33 25 Apr 07

Sorry, Sibbo, I didn't understand that that was what you were trying to do. I suspect the easiest thing to do is to set up each user of the PC with a separate user account and then set up their Mail for them as individual users - ie so that you're not all logging into the computer as one single user.

  anskyber 16:29 25 Apr 07

Kate is right, the separate user accounts will deal with the in box issue provided you go into each user account to set up the email account.

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