Memory upgrade. Win 7

  bigfooted 12:31 PM 08 Nov 12

Hi, I am planning to increase the RAM in my computer from 3G to 8G. My present OS is Windows 7 home premium 32 bit. In order to get my computer to recognise the increased memory I need to switch to Win 7 64 bit version. What I need to know is do I need to dump all existing programs on the system then re-enter them after the O/S upgrade, or is it like changing from FATS to NTFS, where you can leave everything in place ? Also are there any hidden problems I need to watch out for when performing the O/S upgrade? All and any advice gratefully accepted. Wotan.

  Nontek 14:05 PM 08 Nov 12

Win7 32bit-63bit


In the List shown, scroll down to 3rd item from bottom.

  Nontek 14:07 PM 08 Nov 12

trying again

Same comments apply....

  Nontek 14:08 PM 08 Nov 12

Ignore first link, second link is OK.

  bigfooted 15:32 PM 08 Nov 12

Hi Nontek, tells me all I needed to know including the fact that my system will run 64 bit, something I had assumed did not need to be checked. Many thanks, I can now start getting my programs sorted out ready to reload when I have updated the O/S

  Nontek 17:21 PM 08 Nov 12

Fine - thanks for your feedback.


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