Medion Laptop wont start

  Hetti 30 May 12

I have a medion laptop running win 7, when I try to boot it the power light goes on and i hear fans running but the screen remains black, I tried to get into bios but am unable to get any sings of life apart from the power light. about, The same thing happened two weeks ago I left it for half hour then it booted OK and has been fine till this same thing this morning. This may still be under warranty I will check while I await any advice here. Thanks

  northumbria61 31 May 12

After switching on and booting the laptop - turn off by holding the power button down for up to 2mins before switching on again. If it restarts check (via control panel) your power options - have you also tried to boot up via mains power only (with battery removed) ?

  northumbria61 31 May 12

If possible are you able to attach an external display (monitor) to see if the problem is with your laptop screen?

  northumbria61 31 May 12

As per above post for holding down power button follow this - Remove the battery, Remove the mains adapter, Hold power button down for 30 secs - 2mins , Connect only mains power supply, do not put battery in, Turn laptop on then put the battery in.

  Hetti 31 May 12

Thanks northumbria61 I have tried all of the above suggestions except attaching a different monitor,nothing worked. Will a monitor from a desktop PC be ok to test it? not sure how to connect it either (not a techie) will have a look at the monitor from desktop see it it can be connected and post back.

  kamb1ng 07 Jun 12

I have the exact same problem with my Medion Windows 7 laptop (still under warranty).

If I put it to Hibernate or switched it off, the first time I switch it back on the power light goes on and the fan spins, but blank screen.

If I keep cycling it on and off (by holding the power button), sometimes it takes 5 cycles before it turns on properly.

Otherwise I can leave it in "zombie" state for 5 minutes, then cycle it, and it will turn on properly.

I've tried removing the adapter and battery and holding the power button. It didn't fix this issue.

Any ideas is greatly appreciated. Medion tech support is useless and blamed it on Windows 7.

  northumbria61 07 Jun 12

Disable/Enable the Hibernate feature in Windows 7enter link description here

  kamb1ng 08 Jun 12

I know I can disable hibernate, but the issue persists when I try to boot after shutting down my laptop (not hibernate).

Any clues? Thanks.


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