Managing Pictures in Vista

  sheila.weston 09 Jun 09

I am trying to sort out my picture folders and appear to have duplicate folders for my image files. If I select the windows start button and select 'Pictures', I go to sheila/pictures. But if I go to E:\Pictures I get a different set, some of which are duplicates from the sheila/pictures folder.

The HD is partitioned by Toshiba. I would prefer all my images to be on the E:\ drive, with my other data. Is it OK to just move the pictures over and delete the sheila/pictures ones? How do I get the start>pictures option to go to the e:\ drive instead of the sheila folder?

Many thanks for any help.

  Zeppelyn 09 Jun 09

From the start menu right click on Pictures then select Properties. From there go to the location tab and select Move, point to your E:\Pictures folder. That is preferable to deleting Sheila/Pictures as you would lose the link.

  sheila.weston 09 Jun 09

Many thanks, Zeppelyn. Easy when you know how!

One point, though - when I click on pictures in the start menu, the picture folder opens, but at the top of the screen it has sheila>e:>pictures, presumably because I have logged in as Sheila. However I can also get to the folder by going to windows explorer (windows key + E). This, presumably, *is* the same folder, although you can see them both in the Windows Explorer left hand panel? I wish I could get rid of the 'Sheila', but gather that I can't in Vista?


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