lpksetup - temp file

  Pine Man 12:20 11 Aug 07

About four months ago I posted an item about a temp file that keeps occuring for no apparent reason.

No one had any ideas at the time so I thought I would have another go!

Please have a look at this link to the original thread.
click here

  brundle 15:22 11 Aug 07

Language pack installer apparently; click here

What are your region/language settings?

i think it's for the ultimate multi language, there is 16 i think. i have italian and english installed and have hidden all the other updates. I believe the temp file kept setting up untill i hid the m/s updates

  Pine Man 19:17 11 Aug 07

Brundle - My language is set to English (United Kingdom) and my Region is set toUnited Kingdom

Adman 2 - Presumably the Language Pack runs everytime I start up and doesn't remove the temp file. You say your temp files appeared until you hid the m/s updates. Not quite sure what you mean there?

well if you click check for updates, do you get all the different languages listed as options? i did but have now hid them. i cant remember if they were there before i upgraded to ultimate though.

  Pine Man 09:10 12 Aug 07

I think that only applies to the top end Vista progs like Ultimate. There are no languages listed in my updates.


Brundle asked what my region/language settings were and when I checked them I noticed that under the 'administrative' tab there was a button for 'copy to reserved accounts'. I took the plunge and copied all my settings to 'reserved accounts' and I have not had any more lpksetup temp files - yet.

Thanks for your input guys.

  Pine Man 09:16 12 Aug 07

Two temp files have just turned up - must have been hiding somewhere :-)

I think I will ignore them!

  AKAJohnDoe 02:07 15 Aug 07

I see them as well (Vista Home Premium) and just delete them. It would be nice to not have to, though.

  Hasta la Vista 17:21 21 Aug 07

Check this out :-
click here

Try Run and enter lpremove /c
This deletes the scheduled cleanup task for language packs.
It worked for me!

  Pine Man 18:08 21 Aug 07

Thanks I'll give it a try.

  Pine Man 19:51 21 Aug 07

That didn't work but I found the 'lpremove' task in Task Scheduler and disabled it (for the time being) and that did it!

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