Lost Document Files Windows 8

Got a new Samsung laptop, Windows 8, and was in process of setting it up. Had a few snags doing this but had set restore points as I went along as a safety net. Tried a restore, but was unsuccessful due to "anti-virus interference". So switched of Norton and Windows firewall, still did not restore. This is when I probably did a silly thing. I did a Recovery to factory settings - no problem I thought as it was a new laptop with hardly any new input on. I now find I do not have any library files. When I click documents, pictures, music etc error message is "files not working". Can I in some way restore these files? and is there anything else which may have failed which I have not yet found out? Do I need to get Windows 8 reinstalled? Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks Jock1e, as I had bought the laptop from John Lewis it occured to me that besides the 2 year warranty I also got a 90 day software support. So gave them a ring and a nice man called Dave told me how to reset to factory settings, as it was only a couple of days old and I had not loaded much on it (hold down shift key + press restart), worked fine. He also advised that once I had more data on the laptop a less drastic soloution would be a "refresh" to undo the last moves (PC settings-general-refresh), which was what you suggested in your second post. Now all set up and running fine, many thanks again.

  rdave13 11:45 13 Jan 13


Just be aware that if you 'refresh' the PC you will lose all your installed programs except the apps that came with the PC.

"Warning • All of your personal files will be deleted and your settings will be reset. Any apps the came with your PC will be reinstalled, but all other apps will be removed."


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