Lost on defrag ssd & hdd

  sunnystaines 16:45 10 Feb 13

after spending a few weeks reading up on w8 and asking questions I felt confident, then at a last min change of specs on intended laptop.

the samsung series 7 has an SSD 8gb and a larged normal hdd for files etc.

now with two diffrerent styles of hdd do i need to set up TRIM for the SSD and are any of those SSD tweaker sofware programs worth having if it will only have w8 on it.

will windows auto defrag still defrag the larger hdd and avoid the ssd drive. or do i need to stop the defrag in services and run on a manual basis. w8 home came pre installed.

  alanrwood 21:30 10 Feb 13

The SSD is used as a cache so just ignore it. It is not for normal use. TRIM is automatically set for the SSD in Windows 7 onwards. Never defgrag an SSD it is not necessary as the method of storage and reading is totally different to the usual hard Drive. Defrag should have been automatically disabled for the SSD. Just leave it as it came.

  rdave13 22:26 10 Feb 13

The ssd is used for cashe only. It fixes to the mobo like a chip so ignore. Treat the laptop as having an ordinary Sata drive drive.

  sunnystaines 22:30 10 Feb 13

alan and rdave thanks


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