Lost account on windows 8

  102midnight 05 Mar 13

Hi, I have just bought a Dell Inspiron 15R with Windows 8. I created an account (as administrator) for myself. I then created an account for my girlfriend as a user. Initially both accounts worked. I was trying to remove the irritating obligation to use a password to open the accounts. I never succeded. But that is not the main problem. the problem is that now when I turn on the computer it automatically opens my girlfriends account (without asking for a password), if I then switch to my account (it asks for a password) my girlfriends account is no longer available. I mean it is not listed as a user account anywhere and I cannot switch back to it. What's more when I turn on the computer now it goes to my account and thus we are now unable to get to my girlfirends account. I've tried recreating the account for my girlfriend but the computer tells me that her account already exists in the PC. WHich it does but I can't get to it. How do I recticy this crazy situation? Thanks, Mark

  Woolwell 05 Mar 13

What happens is you go to the desktop and then through charms search to the control panel - User accounts?

Sorry I'm still new to W8 but nobody else has replied yet.

  rdave13 05 Mar 13

There's a Microsoft Account Troubleshooter here. Worth a try.

Did you create these accounts vis charms, 'change PC settings'?

As Woolwell suggests, use the control panel's 'manage my accounts'. Start page, right click blank space and select 'all apps'. Use the mouse wheel to scroll to right and select control panel. (If you right click the control panel app, you can pin it to the taskbar). Once CP is open select user accounts.. once you're on your account page select 'manage another account'. Try making the other account standard and save. Then change back again to admin and save.

  shakilpsuk 06 Mar 13

Create a new account the Hotmail. This is simple way.

  102midnight 06 Mar 13

Hi, Thanks for the advice. I managed to work it out for myself. Here is what I did:

-Type RUN on the metro screen. - Type: control userpasswords2 in the text box - Click on the account that was lost. - Change the status of the account to "standard"

This brought it back, the mystery is how I changed it in the first place, but I think the lesson is don't try to fiddle with the password obligation when the account open.


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