Loading Antispywarre problems

  rawprawn 17:13 PM 25 Oct 09

In vista I ran MWB Pro and SAS Pro, in windows 7 I find loading SAS crashes my machine, and MWB makes it freeze.
Anyone else with these problems?

  ambra4 17:32 PM 25 Oct 09

It would help if you would list what “MWB Pro and SAS Pro” are it would save us guessing

  rawprawn 17:42 PM 25 Oct 09

Sorry thought that you would understand.
Superantyspware Professional
MalwareBytes Pro (Paid for version)

  rawprawn 17:47 PM 25 Oct 09

I have just loaded Ad Aware Free and it is running, it seems for some reason W7 does not like "Real Time Protection"
However I have tried SAS & MWB free download with disaterous results.

  Peter Lanky 17:56 PM 25 Oct 09

No problems with any anti spyware on Windows 7 Home 64 bit. Loaded Malwarebytes, Adaware and Spybot (all free versions).

I had to giggle that you expected anyone to know what MWB Pro and SAS Pro stood for ;)

  rdave13 18:12 PM 25 Oct 09

Running SAS pro on Win 7 with no issues. Only have the free version of MBAM.

  sunnystaines 18:18 PM 25 Oct 09

there were reported problems with SAS on w7 32 bit in the windows7 forum. MBAM reported ok.

I would hold back and expect a fix shortly.

  rawprawn 18:56 PM 25 Oct 09

Thank you

  mfletch 18:56 PM 25 Oct 09

Ive run both free versions on 7 without any problems,

Try turning off your Antivirus first then see if they run OK

What AV are you using do you have windows defender activated?

  rawprawn 18:57 PM 25 Oct 09

To all my readers MWB should say MBAM , I do appologise.

  rawprawn 18:59 PM 25 Oct 09

At the moment AVG Free. Winows Defender is turned off


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