Live Messenger video problem

  shaude 14:13 12 Feb 09

When I contact my friend who also has a webcam we connect perfectly OK. Both video pictures are perfect. But after about 10 seconds my picture freezes while my friend remains OK. The sound continues OK.

I've check webcam settings in Live Messenger tools and all checks out perfectly. I am using Version 2009 (build 14.0.1850.1202). I've also tried LM 8.1 and 8.5 with same problem.

My set-up is:
Acer Desktop M1610
Vista Home 32 bit
4gb ram
GeForce 8400GS graphics card
Webcam is a Clique Hue

Any help would be appreciated as my friend is housebound and our daily video chats mean a lot to him. Many Thanks,


  rickf 09:47 15 Feb 09

Got almost the same prob but on Acer Laptop. Vista Premium freezes when Webcam is initiated in Live Messenger. Any info help welcome!!

  rickf 12:09 15 Feb 09


  raziel08 20:11 16 Feb 09

must be an acer thing becasue my video works fine but i am unable to get sound. Mines a Acer aspire 5920G with a built in webcam (crystal eye) and microphone. If anyone has suggestions as to how i can get the sound to work then i'd really appriciate it.

Core 2 duo 2Ghz
dedicated 8600m GS
vista 32 bit (with sp1)
2GB Ram

  rickf 21:54 16 Feb 09

Hi raziel08,
Got the same Laptop but with 4GB Ram. Still waiting for help and searching the web. Lots of probs with MSN. Everytime I click video it freezes. It seems potluck as far as repairing this fault goes. If you go to Windows Live and set it to run as Administrator, it sometimes does the trick. Some have successfuly done this but does not work for me.
Anyone out there???

  rickf 21:56 16 Feb 09

It's not an Acer thing. It's a Vista thing.

  rickf 09:43 18 Feb 09

any help available??

  rickf 20:50 28 Feb 09

Trying again to see if any asuugestions are available. prob is it kept saying my Cam is used by another device but it isn't.

  rickf 20:51 28 Feb 09

Sorry. Should read "suggestions"

  gaxp 18:27 01 Mar 09

I have an acer 2930 laptop and can't get messenger live to work at all. It says my camera is unavailable or being used by another program. However, I then tried skype and it worked straight away, but image is jerky and freezes...

  rickf 19:34 01 Mar 09

It's Vista OS I believe. Why doesn't MS clear this prob by providing a fix? Really annoys me. Lots and lots of peole having this prob.

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