Links not opening in Internet Explorer 9

  howard64 27 Aug 12

I have a Windows 7 64bit home premium pc and a paid for lifetime subscription to roboforms 6. W7 has 2 versions of Internet Explorer 9 on it, the 32bit and the 64bit version. Roboforms works perfectly with IE9 32bit but does not work at all with the 64bit version. IE9 32bit will not open links that are in emails but the 64bit version does. Can anyone suggest a way of making the 32bit version open links so that I can continue using roboforms? I have used Microsoft Fix it and set the program as my default but had no success. Thanks in advance.

  rdave13 27 Aug 12

Have a look at the suggestions from The Windows Club, though this is for IE not opening any links.

  howard64 27 Aug 12

thanks rdave13 but none of these suggestions worked.

  difarn 27 Aug 12

In connection with roboform this article, with download, says Roboform 7 is now compatible with IE9 64-bit.

This article from roboform says you can upgrade to version 7 if you purchased roboform after the 1st September 2010. If you bought it before then you will get a discounted upgrade.

  howard64 28 Aug 12

thanks but having paid for a lifetime license with robo 6 I do not intend to pay more annually for 7 than I paid originally for 6.

  difarn 28 Aug 12

Have you considered another browser? Firefox for example.

  howard64 29 Aug 12

unfortunately all versions of firefox after 3 do not support roboforms6

  difarn 29 Aug 12

Just been investigating that - seems most browsers support version 7 but only earlier versions of them support version 6. I noticed that Chrome and Opera have a "Lite" version that is free - don't know whether this would give you the same functionality.


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