LED Monitor "flickering" during dark/dull colors.

  routinej 06:15 10 Feb 15

Hi, i recently opened a post about this issue but i now have more information so i figured i would ask again this time more in depth. I just bought a new AOC AOC E970SWN. Other than the bad viewing angles i love the monitor, it is my first monitor that i have that isn't a CRT, i waited way too long to upgrade. My problem is that when certain colors are displayed on screen it starts to "flicker" horizontally. It doesn't do it on black. [maybe it does but i just can't notice] and it does not do it on any light colors either, mainly dull/darkish colors, especially grey. It makes watching videos almost impossible because it looks horrible. Speaking of videos that is when it is at it's worst. most of the time when it's happening i pause the video but the flickering still continues even when paused.On VLC i noticed disabling use hardware YUV-RGB conversions slightly cut down the amount of flickering on videos played using vlc but only because i think it darkened the image considerably. -other information needed- I connect using VGA-only possible option- Windows XP GT 430 GPU [possible settings causing it?] I can't test the monitor on another computer unfortunately. I hope someone has an idea as currently it's impossible to watch any videos on this monitor and that was my main use for my computer.

  wee eddie 10:41 10 Feb 15

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