Latest Belkin router?

  magic roundabout 09:44 27 Apr 08

I have 2 Belkin wireless routers and wondered if anyone could tell me which is the latest version?
Both routers are model F5D7230-4.One is version 2001uk The second which is version 1223uk. I am thinking of passing one to a relative and want to keep the best.

  aine 16:15 27 Apr 08

If you go to belkin website ,you will be able to find out from there. their router no is

  LinH 21:17 27 Apr 08


Shouldn't that be


  aine 18:58 29 Apr 08

yes excuse the mistake, my finger goes to the wrong place sometimes.
If you enter this page the firmware version is stated on the left upper side.
Mine is 3.01.18 26 oct 2005. Hope this helps

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