Laserjet printer on Windows 7

  dickclack 10 Dec 11

I have an old HP laserjet, with parallel socket, and have just bought a new computer with only USB sockets. Bought a suitable lead, RS232 to USB, and initially the printer worked OK, but intermittently. Now doesnt. Nothing at all. Any suggestions?


  difarn 10 Dec 11

Have you updated your printer drivers - sometimes there is a compatability issue with Windows 7 and hardware drivers and you have to dowload Windows 7 compatible ones.

  dickclack 10 Dec 11

Done that, still no go!

  KRONOS the First 10 Dec 11

HP are notoriously problematic, my HP printer, my first HP has been a pain in the bum since day one and HP's customer service is rubbish. As soon as the thing runs out of ink it will be donated to charity and I'll go back to Epson/Canon.

How I have managed to get my printer to work reasonably well is to install the drivers without all the bloatware that HP seems to bundle with their drivers. Might be worth a try.

  mgmcc 10 Dec 11

If you're going to use a printer that only has parallel port connectivity, you might be better to install a PCI Parallel Port card rather than trying to run it from a USB port via a USB/Parallel cable. Does the cable let you configure the Parallel Port as EPP, ECP etc as appropriate for the printer?


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