Laptop keys only work when they feel like it!

  0106rainbow 17:33 PM 30 Sep 13

I have a Packard Bell Easynote LJ61 laptop that I inherited from my son. Over the past three months or so some of the keys either don't work at all without repeated pressing, or I get half a dozen all at once. Nothing has been spilled on the keyboard and it doesn't affect all the keys, but it's usually the same ones affected. I've tried prising them off and cleaning underneath, but that hasn't cured the problem. Very annoying, as being a touch typist I don't always follow the screen and end up with a whole load of text either missing certain letters or with half a dozen instead of one! Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

  chub_tor 19:06 PM 30 Sep 13

You could always buy a replacement keyboard Click Here and download the manual Click Here and do it yourself. If you Google your model you can probably also find a YouTube video.

  0106rainbow 19:33 PM 30 Sep 13

I did wonder if I'd have to resort to that, or maybe take the keyboard off to see if the cable had worked loose, but thought I'd just see if anyone else had a quicker solution. Thanks for your reply.


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