Riverbraid 15:10 08 Feb 15

Hi just want to find out I supect that I have a Keylogger on my windows 8.1 but cannot find it with my antivirus software. Is it possible to create another windows account on my start screen would the Keylogger be isolated from posting? Thanks for help. Harold

  rdave13 15:50 08 Feb 15

I've just run this keylogger finder. It runs fine on Windows 8. It runs the .exe file from the zip folder.

To use I disabled internet connection and disabled security software. Used wordpad, notebook and scribbled on Paint. Ran the program for three minutes. Interestingly it picked some parts of Avast for some reason but as it's my AV I could ignore. It also picked up Hotspot Shield even though the VPN service wasn't running. Again I can ignore that. Otherwise it looks as I'm clean. If you are going to try it you might consider running it a bit longer than I did.

Worth a look anyway.

1]: [click here

  Riverbraid 18:41 08 Feb 15

Ok thanks very much

  JamesX. 22:48 08 Feb 15

KL-Detector is able to find some keylogger, but not the best ones. I tested it 2 days ago with a keylogger named Spytector and didn't detect it (if you want to test, see

  Daisy_Michael 07:16 09 Feb 15

Yes, you can always create additional users but doing so would restrict the key-logger is a different story altogether.

Not sure about your current Anti-Virus but I'd recommend Kaspersky (any version), give this a try & you'd love your trouble free Windows.

  Riverbraid 15:16 29 Apr 15

Ok thanks very much have saved the link to Keylogger software bought new computer so have no problems now, thanks for advice

  hinitzen 00:45 05 Aug 15

I installed these stealth keyloggers and on my pc and my iPad, and I have run your keylogger finder, and it didn't find them. Either, they are really good or your keylogger finder is outdated. Any other out there?

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