Just bought new Asus desk top Can I get rid of Windows 8 and go back to windows 7

  crosby73 22:41 14 Jan 14

I'm nearly 90 and just haven't got the know how now to learn a new system like windows 8. Completely at home with Windows 7 on my previous PC. Now I'm completely lost. Is there any way I can get rid of Windows 8 and put Windows 7 in its place. If so would I be capable of doing it. Thanks for any suggestions. ( What ever they are! )

  canarieslover 22:57 14 Jan 14

Try working your way through this post. click here Some quite useful information and links there. Win 8 can be made to behave reasonably like Win 7 with Classicshell and if you use the Taskbar by 'pinning' your most used programs to it when you open them you will surprise yourself with how easy it becomes, I'm a 70+ user who has moved on with a new laptop and hated it for the first day, but a little judicious searching on Google soon got me working almost the way that I used to with Win 7, and it boots so much faster that its hard to believe that it is still a Windows computer.

  crosby73 23:14 14 Jan 14

Many thanks canarieslover. Room for thought in your reply. Tomorrows anther day. Will have a go. Bill

  jaritch 09:47 16 Jan 14

I think it would be good to state for other contemplating a new PC but not looking for Windows 8, that although almost impossible to buy a PC without Windows 8 over the counter it is still possible with the online companies such as Novatech (No I don't work for them) to choose Windows 7 as Operating system. I have advised a number of our more elderly congregation who were not keen on 8 to do this with great success. I know it doesn't help you Crosby73 but thought useful to others looking at your thread.

  cassini1 14:25 17 Mar 14

I downloaded Classic Shell and it is like a dream come true. I now have 8.1 looking like 7 and working perfectly.

  imendpc 17:01 17 Mar 14

"crosby73", if you don't want to install an additional program such as "Classic Shell" and want to use vanilla Windows 8, then after upgrade to Windows 8.1 it is very usable after a couple of hours of induction. Some induction is needed for those old in the tooth like me with DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows XP, so Windows 8 is near impossoible to use by intuition without an induction or some tutorials. What I would recommend is to view one of two youtube tutorial videos on how to navigate the new user interface. Each tutorial is about 20 mins. You will find after viewing these videos a few times, and with a few hours of actual "playing" around you could be surprised how easy and familiar Windows 8 is. The classic desktop is still there. After a while, it just get better and better for you. The reason that I suggest this as you are 90 years old, clearly still competent with a brand new PC. Windows 8 is installed on all new machines as you have written so by being skilled you can navigate others' PCs too even if they have no Classic Shell installed.

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