I've got some doubts on using Windows 8

  ana_14 25 Dec 12

Hello!. Well, first of all, I'm not a native english speaker so if there are any mistakes on the text...I'm sorry :)

And now...I'd like to get your help. I've recived a new computer and it already has Windows 8. Until now, I'm satisfied with it, but I still have some doubts on using it.

1) As a portuguese, I'm a great fan of soccer and I got really happy when I saw that this new Windows has a Sports Application. However, when I checked it out, I've noticed that it doesn't have the portuguese soccer league and therefore, it doesn't have any portugueses teams to add to your "favourites". I would like you to tell me if there is any possibility of adding the portuguese league (Liga Portuguesa or Liga Zon Sagres) and the portuguese teams, because I can't find it on the application.

2) I'd also like to know if is there any need of being logged into your hotmail account to enter on your computer. Because, for being logged in, logically, I'll be online and my friends will talk to me. In fact, sometimes I'm not in the mood of chating to anyone, because I'm working or something, and I would like to know if, at least, I can change my status to offline.

By now, that's all...I know it's a bit long, but I'd like you to answer to me!

Thanks :)

  rdave13 25 Dec 12

To use all the apps you need to be logged in with a windows account. The way I work off-line is to create the Ethernet adaptor icon on the desktop so it's convenient to disable. Easier that physically removing the Ethernet cable. You can also create a short cut for your wlan card and disable it. If a laptop simply switch off wlan.

Right click the Network internet access icon in the notification area, select Open Network and Sharing Center, Select Change adapter Settings on the left side, right click the adapter and select Create Shortcut, Windows will kindly tell you it can't create it here but would you like it on the desktop. Select yes. Close the pane. On the desktop right click the icon and select open file location, right click the icon in the pane that opens and select disable. Close the pane. Reverse to enable. For some reason Win 8 does not work the same as Win 7 where you can do this correctly on the desktop icon.

As for an app for your country's footy teams/ leagues, check out Google.

  rdave13 25 Dec 12

If you still need to be online then, charms bar, settings, notifications and select hide for 1,3 or 8 hours. They'll see your PC's online but you won't get any distracting notifications. Much easier.

Nothing on this App?

  rdave13 25 Dec 12

Forget that last app. Sorry. See Google in your country.


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