Jon-ny 22:06 26 Mar 07

On iTunes, as some of you my know already from past experience.... changing the file locations for you songs makes iTunes lose them (common sence) and it's very easy to accidentally do this and lose half your library

Anyway, the point of this discussion is that Windows Vista has changed the folders in Explorer, so My Documents is now Documents and My Music is now Music....

Because of this, will all the music saved to: My Music/iTunes/iTunes Music be changed to: Music/iTunes/iTunes Music and there by messing up my whole library of songs and artwork.......

Because I do not have Vista (yet) I was hoping someone that has iTunes can put my mind at rest. Is my music going to be safe or will I be spending weeks altering my library again...



  Forum Editor 00:00 27 Mar 07

if you take the upgrade route, but make sure that you back up your iTunes library before you install Vista.

  ^wave^ 09:01 27 Mar 07

read the warnings about vista and ipod becareful how you disconnect the ipod from a vista machine

  Jon-ny 15:23 27 Mar 07

Thanks very much guys, how do I safely remove the iPod from my computer on Vista then?

  brianwc 16:57 27 Mar 07

You must make sure you eject the Ipod within ITunes. The eject button is the symbol next to your Ipod's name.

ITunes have released up update for Vista - It will find you misic and library fine.

  Jon-ny 18:46 27 Mar 07

Ok thanks! I do that anyway but it's good too be sure...

Thanks guys!!!

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