It's Time To Back-up My Win7 Computer - best way?

  jimforrest 13:15 16 Oct 13

After a total crash and a lengthy re-install & setup from a downloaded .iso, I now need to back-up the comp in case it happens again. In my limited experience, Windows NEVER does anything very well. Every time I use a Fixit or a Wizard it rarely works - usually saying that Windows can't find/fix the problem.

So is the Windows back-up the best way to do it? I want to take a bootable image onto a 2nd HDD, and a copy of my documents in case I delete/lose any.

  1. Can I put both on the same remote HDD?
  2. Is there a better prog than Windows for doing this?
  3. I have Image Burn - can this do the job?
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:25 16 Oct 13
  1. image burn is for writing CD DVDs

  2. Acronis

  3. Bootable image of the system really means a clone of the drive.

Acronis will take an image of your drive / partition and compress it to an external drive this image can be restored back to the origina drive and it shoul then be bootable or it can be restored to a new drive and again be bootable acronis also allows yo to extact (copy) and use file from the image however the file once changed is not put back into the image.

I take an image of my system drive C: and data drive F: every Friday night, to an external drive, using two different names for the images. This leaves me with the image from last week and the week before. Any important documents I'm working on get backed up immediately to the same external drive

  jimforrest 14:41 16 Oct 13

Sounds good to me Fruitbat - looks easy to use too. Many thanks.

  barryherne 11:10 18 Oct 13

Acronis is perfect as I have just tried it. It works great for backups and data recovery, but let's hope you won't need it soon.

  rdave13 23:36 18 Oct 13

For me I would recommend Paragon and I'm bucking the trend here against Acronis.


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